Finding My Voice

I’ve started out this new year by sharing my story in a more public way than ever before. Although it feels a bit scary, exposing myself in such a personal way, it also feels empowering.

Please read my piece, Finding My Voice,  which appears in Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s National Newsletter, Insight.


6 thoughts on “Finding My Voice

  1. This was such a beautiful piece. Thank you so very much for sharing it. When i wrote my last post i had no idea i’d be reading related posts. It makes me think about cancer and chilhood shameful secrets-both must be removed in order for us to live. Im so glad you are finding your voice!


  2. Liz, I just read “Finding My Voice” as well as all of your prior blogs. Just beautiful!! You are an amazingly gifted writer, and so brave and generous to share your thoughts and feelings. I am proud of you and proud to know you!


  3. Liz, I’m so grateful that you “found your voice” and gained your health and life back. What a tremendous commentary on tauma and healing. You are an inspiration to all of us who read what you write. Thank you.


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